Member Benefits



As a Chamber member, it is your exclusive privilege to have one (1) flyer inserted into our monthly Newsletter FREE of charge once per quarter.  All inserts must be the size of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of standard weight, unfolded paper.  If you provide more than one insert within a quarter, the cost would be $10.  (Additional fees may incur if more than one page/insert is requested). This policy is in place to ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to disseminate their information and to make certain that flyers get their deserved exposure.  Inserts must be submitted to the Chamber no later than the 23rd of each month (prior to the newsletter’s scheduled run).  Contact the Chamber in advance so that we can let you know the number of copies we’ll need of your flyer/insert since our newsletter distribution quantities vary from month to month.  (For instance, you may need 300 copies or you may need only 275).



Flyers can also be sent through our weekly e-mail bulletins FREE of charge.  Flyers are permitted to run for only two weeks before the date of the scheduled event.  If your event runs for the entire month, then we suggest running your flyer every other week (two (2) times for the designated month).  You may, however, place your information (as many times as you would like) within a brief bulleted line, which will provide the notorious answers of “who, what, when, where and why” regarding your event.  DEADLINE for all bulletin information is 10 am Wednesday.



Facebook is the Chamber’s newest method of advertising.  It’s another way of providing important information to the community.  Again it’s FREE of charge.  The Chamber has a section dedicated to basic informational flyers about our members and/or their businesses.  Other sections of our Facebook are designated for events and limited time deals.  As a member of the Clewiston Chamber of commerce, you may run your flyer on our Facebook page as often as you would like.

Business Display Area


The Chamber provides a designated display area for your business cards and brochures, which are available to the public at all times.  Again, there is no cost to you as a member of the Chamber.  When you provide us with cards and brochures from your place of business, it gives us the opportunity to market your business and its services.



Your organization/place of business may host a Chamber Social the third Tuesday of the month (at 7:30 am, 12 noon or 5:30 pm), whereby you invite Chamber members and others in the community to a business “meet and greet”.  Attendees will be able to see and hear about the operations of your business.  Monthly Chamber socials are wonderful opportunities for
networking, exchanging business cards and marketing your business.  We encourage our Chamber members to invite their friends along.   The host is responsible for providing refreshments during the event. Again, other than the cost of refreshments, these Chamber socials provide another FREE means of advertising your business.

Electronic Messaging Sign

$25 per Week

Our Electronic Message Sign, located on Sugarland Hwy (US Hwy 27), provides 24-hour advertising, seven days per week, and has the attention of the entire community.  In addition, the signage is visible to thousands of passing motorists.  This sign is another form of advertising that is available through your local Chamber of Commerce.  All members (other than non-profit), will be charged $25 per week to run a brief message not to exceed six consecutive runs).  A rate of $25 will be charged to non-profit agencies that request more than one week of advertising.

Sound System

$25 per Day

For your convenience, the Chamber provides a portable sound system that can be rented for a fee of $25 per day.  Members who rent this system and its components (microphones, cords, etc.) would need to log the “sign-in/sign-out” form.


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